potraits of a senior

autumn-532 (2)

autumn-120 (2)

autumn-1183 (2)

autumn-1047 (2)

autumn-356 (2)

autumn-224 (2)

autumn-836 (2)

autumn-712 (2)

autumn-789 (2)

autumn-695 (2)

autumn-762-Pano (2)

autumn-1098 (2)

autumn-714 (2)

autumn-163 (2)

autumn-181 (2)

autumn-30 (2)


Here are a few of my favourite snaps from my senior photo shoot with Sarah a few weeks ago. We explored the trails behind the Grand Traverse Commons and snacked on pastries from Pleasanton’s  (my very favourite bakery) and picked wildflower bouquets from beside dirt pathways and made the dreamiest memories. Her brother Adam, was a stellar assistant, helping keep the changing tent from blowing away in the breeze and carrying props and cameras. I am beatific with how the pictures turned out. I am satisfied with the way they are a bit whimsical and retro and that they capture my nature so absolutely.

I’m not altogether sure what one does with these kinds of pictures, but I’ll find something.


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