another hello.

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Hi there.

Gee, it’s been a while. How are you?

I am okay, and getting better all the time. A couple of weeks ago I made a personal declaration to consume less and create more. It started off really well, but then I caught a bug that’s been going around, and I haven’t fully recovered. It’s been one thing after the other, and the prolongment of it has been killing me. I’ve had all this creative energy pent up for weeks as I strived to get better by sleeping and drinking lots of water and going to the doctor more than once and taking a trip to the ER at some ungodly hour of the night last week. But now I can finally, finally work on letting that energy out.

I’ve got a list of blog posts waiting to be written and posted; things are moving forward in my bedroom move; I bought some yard and needles and a book and am gonna meet with my grandmother real soon to learn to knit. I broke out another prayer journal and am working to make writing in this and my general journal and this space a priority.

Things are happening, plans are being made. Let’s do this.


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