the true cost

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Not long ago, I made a personal vow.

An oath to be conscious of the things I use and wear and eat and do.

I made bits of this pledge months ago, but most recently, I have vowed to be a conscientious clothing consumer.

I watched The True Cost (it’s on Netflix; hint hint), a documentary about the perils of fast fashion, nearly a month ago. It was a closet-altering experience. My eyes were opened to the transgressions and negligence of the big brands (Target, Gap, Old Navy, etc.). I saw the oppression of the garment workers and farmers; the lack of care for the environment. I noticed the stealthy marketing tricks used by these companies to gain our attention and money. The inexpensiveness of the clothes we buy are not truly that cheap: corners are cut in order to get us to buy them, as many as we can. The carelessness of these businesses breaks this girl’s heart.

And now that I know what I know, I cannot bear to participate in such a heartless enterprise. Our God is a god of justice, and we are commanded to fight for the widows and the orphans and those who cannot fight for themselves. As consumers, we are part of this fast fashion operation. If we no longer tolerate it, it cannot exist.

Rest assured, it will not leave those workers without a job. It will be a blessing; they will be released of the fear and the anger of their current position, and companies with sustainable and environmentally aware ethics will be able to give those folks better occupations, and the workers will have a chance of a brighter future.

I made an avowal to never buy from these places again. Since then, I have been doing my research to find brands with moral code of good ethics and sustainable sources.  Thanks to the internet, I’ve found quite a few that I am eager to buy from. Though it’s not nearly as cheap for my pocketbook, my soul feels awfully light. I’ll surely post my list real soon.


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