these days

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These days.

I am becoming more aware of where I am and who I am and what I am.

God is teaching me patience. Dependency. Unconditionality.

Words are beginning to flow out without too much thought; I feel that particular itch notorious of writers again. It is an acreage of relief within me.

My nature of perfectionism is gradually being swept away in the gracious love of my Savior.

 The seasons are changin’;I am at the cusp of a new chapter in this life. That is apt to scare me, but my soul is drenched in the peace of my God, and I am eager to see what He has planned.

I am learning new things: knitting. college courses. I like coffee now (as long as it is diluted with milk and vanilla and cinnamon). bravery. simplicity.

C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity has been my read of choice. He nails it, every time.

Penny and Sparrow is the epitome of autumn sounds, in my book. Every season, I revisit their album; it is tradition.

I am prayerful and inspired of the change my Father is bringing about. I know I will be a more loving, deeper, contented person due to it.


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