letters to july no. 2 || 04

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Dear July,

I think we are friends. And because I trust you as a dear friend I am going to tell you something about myself that makes most roll their eyes.

I do not like fireworks.

I have tried. I have faked it to make it.

But, gosh, all that just feels like ignoring all of my common sense.

My family is in the driveway, lighting fireworks and having a jovial time. I tried so hard to enjoy the pretty lights– and did, to some extent– but when it was all over I was the only one not begging for another. I found the firecrackers to be an assault on my senses; loud and flashing and there was one kind called ‘cherry bomb’ that made me feel nauseous.

And so inside I came, crying because I felt empathy for my pup, who was wailing in fear, and because of something else that was foggy but clearly disquieting. I cried for a bit, but I wiped my tears and am calmer now, cuddling the dog and writing to you.

Today is the day I accepted the fact that I am not like the majority of my fellow patriots.

Sparklers is as far as I’ll go.

Please don’t laugh at me. Don’t tell me that I’m being silly or irrational or wimpy. I like to think you are the kind of friend who welcomes people’s quirks with open arms.

Enough about me. How do you feel about all these loud noisy things shooting up in the sky?


6 thoughts on “letters to july no. 2 || 04

  1. Though I am not July, perhaps I will reply to your lovely letter nonetheless (and I am sure she won’t mind). Fireworks are rather horrible for me – they aggravate my anxiety to no end and leave my nerves raw, jangled, fraying. I much prefer staying inside to bake red, white, and blue cookies. 😉 Take heart, my love: you are nowhere near alone. Though the season lends itself to loudness, it is certainly not the only way to create a celebration!


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