letters to july no. 2 || 30

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Dear July,

I know my letters have been spotty to say the least.

There have been days where I felt guilty for not having the time or the stamina to pull out my laptop after long, oft-humid and even more often oh-so heartening days.

But I assure you, it has not been out of laziness.

You have brought the most magnificent vitality to me, mon amie. Memories of myself and my mother and my sisters kneeling in strawberry fields on a Sunday afternoon, rustling the leaves to find the reddest, ripest ones. Last-minute adventurous wanderings with my best friend. Movies shown at my local film festival that fully fall under the category of ‘life-changers’. Birthday celebrations– the best I’ve ever had. That time my sister and I made waffle ice cream sandwiches. My new ‘do that makes me feel so much like myself.

I have been so completely immersed in actively living while you are around that I couldn’t bear to stop it all to turn on my computer.

And to be honest, I don’t regret a thing.

See ya next year, July.

p.s.- I know that you officially leave tomorrow, but in my house Sundays are no-internet day, so I’m bidding adieu a little early.


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