self care things || end of summer

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Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

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Summer is almost over, and these goodies are helping me transition from bright, hot days to cooler, cloudy ones.

That in-between layer. You know what I’m talking about. At this time of year, it’s good to have a little something on hand in case the air conditioning is a little chilly or you are out and about when the sun goes down along with the temperature, but isn’t heavy or bulky. I found this lovely linen scarf/towel from Fog Linen Work at a local sidewalk sale in the beginning of August, and I’ve been using it pretty much daily ever since. It’s the perfect thing to cover up with in this season. I took it on a rafting/camping trip a few weeks ago and it was PERFECT. I used it as a shawl when cozied up around the campfire with friends and after the inevitable swim while the raft floated us downstream. And I’m sure it’ll be a good layer come autumn, too.

Angels On Bare Skin. This Lush scrub is called that for a reason. Lavender-y and full of ground almonds that gently exfoliate everything from the face to the feet, it leaves my body feeling heavenly (pun totally intended).

Everything’s coming up roses. This rosehip oil makes my skin feel like a metaphorical flower field. I find summer to be too hot to use traditional lotion, and this oil is juuuust rich enough to give my skin moisture and light enough to sink in fast (a.k.a. I’m not sweating in it). My skin has been loving this stuff; I even rub a few drops into the ends of my wet hair after a shower. It’s kept split ends and dry skin at bay– yay!

Avoiding the lobster look. The summer sun can be mean to pale folks like me, which means spraying myself down with Solar Recover. This spray does the job of those ‘sunburns relief’ gels, but in a spray that’s all natural and cruelty free (bonus! it smells like lavender goodness).

Ruby Red. I got this tin of lip tint from Fat & The Moon for my birthday in late July, and it’s been my go-to lip product since then. It gives a bit of burgundy colour along with moisture, so I kill two birds with one stone. And the scent! Gosh! It’s a clove+cinnamon+orange dream.

What self care things are you carrying with you into the fall season?


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