big-hearted things

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A list of books/sounds/videos to remind us all to listen to our hearts. Because they demand it.

Jessie Mueller singing “She Used to Be Mine” from the musical Waitress. Sara Bareilles composed all the lyrics and music for the production, and oh wow. It’s Broadway, but also not, and I love that contradiction. This song in particular tugs at my heartstrings every time it plays on my spotify. Though I love this  lovely live version in particular.

Strangely enough, the required reading for my anthropology class. 1491: New Revelations of America Before Columbus by Charles Mann has opened my eyes to all the heartbreak and hurt the original Americans suffered at the hands of European explorers– but also at their own hand. One tribe that resided by the Mississipi River destroyed themselves through a lack of planning and oh how my heart ached reading their story. The fact that there have been so many misconceptions about Native Americans both in recent years and for centuries beforehand, both intentional and unintentional, breaks my heart. I am glad to be learning their real stories through this volume.

I’ve had JJ Heller’s album, Loved, on repeat for months . It is so soothing and yet brimming with hope. Hope for love, for grace, for forgiveness. When I’m feeling graceless, “Create In Me” is such a necessary assurence that God created me with a purpose in mind, and my clumsyness (both real and metaphorical) cannot change that. And the title track, “Loved“, is just a good old-fashioned reminder that His love pours out to everyone.

This video of Carole King surprising the cast of Beautiful: The Carole King Musical makes my heart well. I cried and got goosebumps watching everyone’s raw joy and treasuring Carole’s radiance in general.

Let your heart feel things today, loves.









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